How To Make Healthy Eating Unbelievably Easy (VIDEO)

In the video below undergraduate student, Luke Durward after breaking his leg used his time to return home and mentor his little brother on healthy eating. While illustrating his brother’s dramatic transformation, Durward shares the obvious secret that is repeatedly overlooked by unsuccessful dieters.

Luke expressed a growing issue in young children. This unfortunately due to parents choices. As a parent, we much choose what’s best for our children, though many do just want’s easy for them. What Luke did was amazing as he changed his brother’s life.

Regarding Luke’s public speaking, I think he did just fine. Yes, nervous..but he had the courage to get out there and speak publicly. It is easy to judge and make comments when you are not the person presenting in front of so many people. For that matter, keep your comments to yourself. If this presentation is not for you, don’t watch it. Don’t leave rude comments that can hurt someone’s feelings. To you it is just a comment, to others, it can be a heavy rock on their path which can result in insecurity. I am sure this isn’t his last public speaking event and he will get better with practice, as we all do.

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